Want to get PAID to Mystery Shop?

Are you interested in becoming a Mystery Shopper? I have been doing mystery shops and it is fun..plus you get PAID to do it!! Everything from phone call shops, retail, beauty, automobile service and car dealership visits and today I saw a HOTEL stay in Portland!! You don’t have to be in Oregon to sign up, this is a NATIONWIDE COMPANY. Use my link and remember to use my shopper ID: OR5121 when you are asked who referred you!!


Shopper ID: OR5121

If you HURRY you have time to participate in the KINDLE GIVEAWAY that ends in 27 days. All you have to do is apply, get hired (within 24 hours!), and complete an onsite shop that earns entries before the end of the sweep!


Sweepstakes App for Android and Apple Devices

sweepstakes app

Recently, I discovered an app for entering sweepstakes in the Google Play Store. At first, the app was working beautifully. Then, it wasn’t working at all. After a recent update it seems to be working better than ever.

Have you had a chance to check out this app yet? It is really simple to use. To enter into any of the sweepstakes: first you select the sweepstakes you want to enter; second click enter to win;  third watch a short commercial; and finally click continue to have your entry recorded.

Some key features

  • The app is free
  • Enter as often as you like
  • Sort by category
  • Push and email notifications
  • Sharing to receive more entries

I haven’t won anything on the app yet, but I hadn’t been able to enter much before this recent update. How about you? Have you tried it? Have you won? What do you think of the app?

To learn more see Sweepstakes app

How I Turned a Won $85 Gift Card into $95

My local shopping mall Clackamas Town Center held an Oscar Nominee giveaway to win an $85 Shop Etc. Gift Card on Facebook. Of Course I entered and was thrilled when I won! Shortly after winning I signed up for Clackamas Town Center’s “The Club” which was offering a $10 Shop Etc. Gift Card to new members who make a total of $75 in purchases in one day at one or more of the stores at Clackamas Town Center. Woohoo! I chose to shop at Victoria’s Secret and buy myself two new bras. I was a day late for getting a $15 gift card from Victoria’s Secret(they ran out of the gift cards for that promotion!). Very upsetting! Still I was able to get a Secret Reward Card that is going to be worth anywhere from $5-$500 during the month of April. That is still a bonus any way you look at it! So far, out of pocket, for my fabulous new bras I have paid $2.50!

Right now, Clackamas Town Center is running another sweepstakes – Whack-a-Weed Spring Refresh Sweepstakes

Keeping Track of Your Sweepstakes

Let me start off with saying there is no right or wrong way to keep track of your sweepstakes. I am going to share the method that has worked best for me. Whether you have found your sweeps at online-sweepstakes.com, bigsweeps.com, from your own searches, or from right here I suggest having a really organized favorites/bookmark list. You will find that there are many sites out there that have multiple sweeps and contests that you can enter. Also, there is one time, daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly. It does break down even further with contests – essay, photo, recipe, etc.

Sweepstakes to Enter
*** this is my newly discovered sweepstakes folder. Inside nothing has been sorted or entered and official rules have not been read. The one time entries found in this folder will be entered and then moved to a Done subfolder.

Below are a few examples:

Daily Entry
***Subfolders for sites with multiple sweeps that contain direct links to the entry forms
***Individual daily entry sweeps out separate

I repeat this method with 24 Hour Entry, Weekly Entry, Monthly Entry, and Quarterly(there isn’t many of these). With 24 hour entry, I find it helpful to constantly change the name of this folder to include the time of entry each day.

***This one explains itself

Recipe Contests
***One Time, Weekly, and Monthly. There is also a Done subfolder.
I use this for all the categories of contests(photo, essay, craft, etc.)

Depending on how into sweeping you want to be you may want to add subfolders for entry per person/email address and per household. I hope that this will help you get on your way to winning! I can always answer questions. Organizing in this way has made entering hundreds of contests and sweepstakes per day only take a couple hours and not an all day annoyance!