Taekwondo Scam


This is the company that won’t let me cancel a contract with them that I was never shown or provided. I was told by the teacher at U.S. World Class Taekwondo that it was month to month and could cancel anytime. I would have never entered into a contract stating I had to pay over $7000 for my 6 year old unless we relocated or he had a disability. From just a quick look at their Facebook it seems others are having difficulty cancelling that had been given contracts and have disabilities and have done their paperwork.

I found out about the contract and terms when I called and attempted to cancel today. The man I spoke with told me that he was sorry I was told it was month to month and that I could cancel anytime, but the terms of the agreement (which I was never given and I told him so) don’t allow me to cancel unless we relocate or my son has a disability. He told me he would mail me the contract terms.

We just entered the second month of this contract and our son did not attend the first full month either. Again we were not provided with this enrollment agreement he spoke of and were told we could cancel anytime. According to their account website they expect another $7000 from us, which we will not pay. This is a scam.

We do not recommend US WORLD Class Taekwondo or this supposedly separate membership billing company Member Solutions (PA)


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